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Rental Details


How long is the rental period?
WesBikes Fall 2015 Rental will run from Friday, March 27 to Friday, May 8. Rental is for a total of 6 weeks.

How much does it cost?
Rental will cost $30 ($5/week). All charges will be made through the student account.

What will I get?
All bike rentals come with a U-lock and a helmet. A bike pump is provided upon request.

Do the bikes work well?
All bikes have been checked and maintained by Pedal Power just before rental.

What about distribution and return?
There will be only one distribution and one collection day. The bikes are stored at Physical Plant. If you are not available, you can have a proxy collect or return for you. More details on time and location will be released when rentals are confirmed.

We will notify you by March 24.

What if I return my bike late?
Late returns will be faced with a late return fee of $5 a day.

What if I damage the bike or lose it?
Do note that you will be responsible for returning your bikes and additional equipment in useable conditions, just as they were rented out. Any repair charges made by Pedal Power will be passed on to the renter, if damages are due to negligence. Any lost or destroyed bike or equipment will be billed to you at the cost of a replacement.

What if I lose my key?
Any cases of renters losing the keys to their locks should be dealt with by the renter, by contacting Physical Plant on their own accord. Any late returns will be billed accordingly.

Will I definitely get a bike if I sign-up?
By filling out this form you are not confirmed a bike. We currently have 30 bikes for rental this semester, and cannot fully meet demand. In the past semesters, we have not managed to meet all demand, but most individuals who signed-up were assigned a bike. Bike sizes are also taken into consideration. However, we do note previous requests made, and take that into consideration for future rentals. Do note that if you are allocated a bike and decide to turn it down or not pick it up, future applications will be turned down.

If you have further questions, please direct it to: wesbikes(at)